Julian Keenan Grow - MSTOM. LAc.

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Bushwick Acupunture Studios - Sacred Silence Acupunture


-individual consultations: $250

(1.5 hours)

-3 session package: $600

The idea of 3 sessions in 3 weeks is so that you receive the cumulative effects of acupuncture and receive longer lasting results each week, as well as commit to your own healing process.


Package expires within 3 weeks of purchase


Packages can be split into 2 payments of 300 if necessary. 

Payment Options:


  1. Appointments MUST be paid upfront in order to book and to save space in the schedule. Please book ahead of time to ensure your space is reserved.


  1. It is the patient’s responsibility to schedule all 3 sessions from a package purchase. 


  1. Packages expire within 3 weeks of the first session. If travel interferes with a package purchase please let me know and I will still honor the sessions. 


  1. Patients must give 24 hours notice to reschedule. If you have an emergency please let me know the situation. The session is forfeited for same day cancellations and reschedules.

For bookings please text


to set and confirm your  appointment!

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