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Sacred Silence Acupuncture

Energetic Clearance Acupuncture

Acupuncture which is focused on psychological, emotional and spiritual imbalances and/or the removal of negative energy, trauma. It can relate to feelings of possession, loss of control of ones life, mania, addictions, nightmares, parasites, and feelings of being stuck.  A variety of treatments and various methods are used depending on the etiological cause of imbalance and the root of the complaint. The Shen (or quality of spirit) of a person is accessed through the eyes.

  • Ghost Treatment:

A treatment devised by 7th century physician Sun Si-Miao which focuses primarily on treating mental disorders. 13 points are needled in a specific order. The patient will feel negative energy moving out through the feet and hands. Once the needles are in the patient usually becomes very calm, and often falls asleep. A Taoist prayer for protection in conjunction with a rattle healing is a given at the end of the treatment to help further move out any stagnant energy and to protect the person from impure and harmful influences. Life long fears, belief systems and addictions are cleansed during the treatment and in the upcoming week. Ghost treatments are the most powerful clearing treatments known and the person is given a window of opportunity for the next week with strengthened will power to not invite negative habitual patterns or behaviors back into their life. Flower water mists, sacred incenses, candles, and water is used to purify the room during and after the treatment.

  • Internal/External Dragons Treatments (Demon Treatments)

  • Internal Dragons: Powerful clearing and best used for people who blame themselves for things.

  • External Dragons: Best used for people who blame the world or other people.

  • Both can be done during the same treatment if a patient is unsure or if they feel a mix of both.

  • Trauma Release/Adrenal Treatment:

A treatment that enables a person to process and physically let go of trauma in a safe and relaxed manner which includes both psychological and physical manifestations of trauma. This treatment is also excellent for stress, adrenal fatigue, and mental/physical burnout.

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