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Sacred Silence Acupuncture

Earth School Acupuncture

A Synopsis of The Earth School

  • The Earth School was developed by LiDong-Yuan (aka LiGao) from a tradition in Chinese Medicine called Bu Tu Pai, Tonify Earth System


  • Li Dong-Yuan started studying medicine to help his very ill mother and a Confucian doctor who helped him in his quest, who was also very sick


  • Li Dong-Yuan was taught by Zhang Yuan Su after paying him a lot of money

  • This teacher, although talented, never gained any fame since he did not write down his  knowledge

  • In his studies, LiDong-Yuan came to see that all disease is due to pathology of Post-Natal Qi, the source of which is the Spleen and Stomach


  • He advocated that what eventually hurts the Stomach is Fire


  • This Fire isn’t necessarily from one’s diet, but from pensiveness–or rather, obsession


  • Constantly throwing fuel (thoughts) on the fire (mind) consumes the Stomach

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