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The Eight Extraordinary Meridians treat issues relating to gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, humanity, growth, maturity, development, sexual function, conception and pregnancy. They derive their Qi from the Essence of the Kidneys.


Indications for the Use of the Eight Extraordinary Channels:


  1. Physical, psychological or emotional issues that originated from childhood in the first cycle of seven or eight years.

  2. Issues arising at birth, issues resulting from birth trauma.

  3. Issues relating to the cycles of birth, growth, maturity, decline, aging.

  4. Condition affecting the DNA, retroviral diseases, cancer, HIV, AIDS, genetic diseases, the dying process.

  5. Issues relating the curious organs: The Gallbladder, uterus, prostate, bone, bone marrow, spine, blood vessels, brain.

  6. Life threatening illnesses.

  7. Threatened miscarriage or threatened maternal death during pregnancy,

  8. Congenital defects: e.g. Down’s Syndrome, Heart defects, infantile seizures, convulsions, epilepsy, results of a smoking/drug-addicted/alcohol-consuming mother, encephalitis, meningitis. The dissemination of Yin an Yang.

  9. Impotence, infertility, issues with sexual fluids, the preservation of the species.

  10. Illness contracted in childhood.

  11. A Complaint that runs in the family, e.g. Heart Disease, Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease.

  12. Acute flare-ups of anything that originated in childhood e.g. Allergies, Asthma,

  13. Giving the elderly an opportunity to extend life.

  14. Issues with the cycles of seven and eight: premature aging, premature growth, and issues during menopause, andropause.

  15. Abnormal growth such as cancer - Fibroids, nodules, cysts

  16. Conflict related to gender identity, ethnic identity.

  17. Achieving latency of a pathogenic factor at the Yuan level.

  18. Disparity between above and below, and between left and right.

  19. Imbalance of Yin and Yang: Floating Yang with Yin deficiency, sinking Yin with Yang deficiency, the regulation of water and fire.

  20. Issues pertaining to the realization of one’s life purpose and self-acceptance.

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