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Hapé / Rapé

A sacred medicine in a powdered form most popularly utilized in shamanic traditions in Brazil, Hapé is used throughout the amazon in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. A blend of Nicotina Rustica, also known as Mapacho or jungle tobacco and various tree barks and herbs depending on the type of Hapé and medicinal reasons for use. Many blends contain no tobacco whatsoever and may blend flowers and various barks and herbs. 


Most Hapé is a blend of the Nicotine Rustica leaf and Olive Ash Bark, but each one contains its own unique essence, which is sometimes altered through various medicinal plants that have specific mechanisms of action.  

Nictoina Rustica is a different species of tobacco leaf than Nicotina Tobacum which is often used for cigarette production in the United States. 

The leaves are pan roasted and powdered and then mixed with various herbs and tree barks. A master medicine maker spends weeks praying over the medicine. Each Hapé is often named after the various tribes who make it or unique plants used in the specific blend. Hapé is used for prayer to more strongly manifest prayers into the physical reality as a conduit to spirit. It is used as protection much like sage is used in Native American traditions to cleanse and purify toxic and disharmonious energies within a person.

Hapé is said to decalcify the pineal gland and clear the sinuses. Additionally, it clears the upper respiratory system of pathogenic phlegm and mucus. In a similar vein, Hapé strengthens axonal communication within the brain supporting clear thinking and neurological health.

Hapé strongly alleviates stress, worry, fear, and anger, and enables a person to reset their nervous system. Through activating the parasympathetic nervous system (Rest and Digest) a person is enabled a window of clear perception, and taken out of the fight or flight (Sympathetic nervous system) reactionary state of consciousness.

Certain Hapé’s possess detoxifying affects to the liver and kidneys. It can be used in the healing of trauma, ptsd, panic attacks, occasional sinus congestion, depression and anxiety.

This medicine enables a person to return to their higher self and calms a manic or overactive mind. 

Hapé is blown into the nostrils from a person who is trained to serve Hapé with a device called a “Tepi”. Kuripes are self-applicator devices for those who prefer to give Hapé to themselves once instructed on the proper methods and techniques. Although the method of administration is taboo from a western perspective and raises concerns and associations with drug use, Hapé actually encourages people to eat healthier, and avoid putting toxic substances, drugs, and alcohol in their body due to it’s purifying effects and influence on people. This may be because it supports a person in returning to their higher self in order to make wiser decisions.  If a person is given too much Hapé and has a highly toxic body, or is holding onto deep emotional pain, they may become nauseous and vomit. This purge is always followed with a sense of relief as energetic and physical toxins are cleared from the body through emetic action.

The Hapé’s I provide support indigenous people in the aspect that by supporting their medicine making they are able to make money and therefore hold onto their land and ownership of territory in the rainforest, preventing big oil companies and logging companies from encroaching upon their sacred territory. These Hapé’s are only sent to me in small batches directly from the Yawanawa and Huin Kuin Kaxinawa tribes to ensure absolute freshness, and integrity in paying the indigenous fairly for these sacred medicines and their beautiful labor of love and absolute alchemical craftsmanship.


Unlike much of the Hapé which is available on the internet, these are not cut or altered with weaker Hapé’s, thus they remain in their unaltered state consisting of organic Amazonian plants, and the prayers and energy which was put into them by the medicine man who prepared them.


The level of purity, freshness, and superior level of quality contained within these particular Hapé’s are extremely difficult to come by unless one has a direct relationship with an indigenous tribe. Thus, less is needed per a use, and we are able to enjoy truly exotic, sacred, medicine while supporting indigenous rights and contributing to rainforest activism. 


Major Benefits of Hapé:

- Stress relief

- Psychosomatic Healing

- Addiction treatment

- Neuro-protective

- Reduces high blood pressure

- Cleanses toxins in liver and kidney (Depends on blend)

- Purges negative energetic influence and clears the spirit

- Sinus Health 

- Decalcifies pineal gland

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