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Herbal Supplement Consultation 

personal Video Sessions Bookings

- I will go over your health/medical history, current symptoms and focus on strategies to resolve your chief medical complaint. I will ask you to send a picture of your tongue to me before our session.


- I may ask you questions about your diet, supplements and vitamins, blood type, medications ect.


- After our consultation I will recommend certain herbal medicines, supplements, dietary/ lifestyles modifications and practices you can do at home to address your chief complaint and overall balance. I will also recommend a treatment plan giving you a realistic time frame and regiment for addressing your symptoms. 


- If I recommend doing Chinese herbal prescription formulas, I  will ship you the formulas and work closely through text or phone check ins to make sure the herbs are working properly. I will address modifications in dosages or formula combinations as we continue to assess progress in your chief complaint. 


- At the end of our session I will provide you an ideal estimate to the total costs for medicines and supplements recommended to most effectively address your condition. 


- If this is out of your financial means and you communicate your financial limitations  I may send you smaller amounts of a variety of medicines to start with which fit your financial limitations and/or recommend the first most important medicines and supplements to start with in priority of importance for addressing your chief complaint based on your financial limitations.

Recommendations Lifestyle and Health Practices:


- For chronic conditions such as Lyme disease or autoimmune conditions taking Chinese herbal formulas (pills) is recommended and may require consistent updates and several months of herbal prescriptions and cycling between various formulas. 


- For less severe conditions Chinese herbal formulas can be a quick fix but often even getting the right supplement regiment and lifestyle/ dietary modifications  can make a 180 degree difference. 


- You will be able to text me and keep me updated with your progress or any challenges you are having as well as questions as you work with my recommendations. If necessary we will jump on regular phone check ins. 

- You will gain for the rest of your life basic knowledge for drastically improving your health in just one session which will generate exponential results in your personal mental, emotional and physical health.

Herbal Supplement Consultation: 



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