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Organic Spirit Water

Water for the Spirit, AKA Organic Agua Florida.

The intention behind the creation of this extremely high end formula was to offer a non chemical Agua Florida Water for ceremonial use, grounding, calming the mind, restoring emotional balance, and offering energetic protection and clearance of negative and invasive energies.  It can also be misted around the home to cleanse the energy and rejuvenate the vibrational integrity of a space.

The herbs and essential used are laboriously sourced from the highest quality growers and sustainable suppliers who go through the utmost efforts to obtain the most potent and wild-crafted species of


The formulation of this product includes years of academic study in the disciplines of medicinal herbalism and traditional instruction from experienced herbalists, ethno-botanists, and shamanic teachers of Amazonian plant medicine, and western traditions.

All the ingredients used are of the utmost highest quality available.

This is truly a delicate and extremely niche medicinal perfume which can be sprayed on the heart, head, and back to cleanse, purify and protect oneself from fear, negative energy, and to root oneself.

Traditional herbs used to ceremonially cleanse and protect the energetic field include, white sage, copal, mapacho, juniper berry, clove, cinnamon, rue, hawthorne, yarrow, lemon verbena, and rosemary while sweet floral and citrus aromatic fragrances from flowers such as jasmine, ylang ylang, orange peel, lavender flower, chamomile, rose, neroli and bergamont brighten ones mood.

Grounding, base notes, and heavier scents such as cedarwood, and vetiver are used to root the formula and balance the more pineal activating, dispersing, and lighter vibrational flowers and citrus notes.

The essential oils sourced are of the utmost quality and sourced from the most versatile and unique wild genetic specimens.

I personally emptied my bank account to create this formula to offer something of the most high end nature in order to offer something truly special, which had not been done before with the same level of medicinal educational, strategic alchemical formulation, and insanely non-compromiseable superior ingredient sourcing:) 

This formula is prayed over for over a month with strong intentions of healing and protection. All the herbs are extracted with a high quality organic grain alcohol. 

The aroma can be described as a light floral bouquet of exotic sweet fragrances which uplift the mind and spirit and restore feelings of doubt to internal serenity and trust in ones healing process. Subtle notes of refreshing citrus and cinnamon disperse and move ones stagnant feelings while delicate, soft, vanilla-esque sweet notes uplift the mood. A woody base note body roots the formula and helps pull one out of their head and into their heart for grounding and stability.

4 oz mister bottle: $90

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