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2019 Year of the Pig

2019 Year of the Pig
2019 Year of the Pig

February 5th was the calendar day for Chinese New Year and marks the beginning of the year of the Pig. In the Chinese Zodiac each year is attributed to specific animals and contain associated qualities and underlying themes for that particular year.  Chinese New Year officially represents the end of the winter season and the transition to spring.   Thus, it is associated with fresh new beginnings, birthing new life, the growth of plants, and increased energy.

The year of the pig is associated with abundance and financial luck!  Because a pig is a mellow animal that sensually enjoys the physical pleasures of life, there is a common theme this year of pleasure-oriented activities in regards to food, sex, music, art, and festivities. This has been hard fought for as the two previous years 2018 (year of the dog) associated with the competitive and survival oriented theme of becoming part of a pack, and 2017 the (year of the rooster) containing explosive fiery and nervous energy, were both stressful years full of hard lessons involving conflict. Luckily, we can breathe easy in 2019 with the energy of the pig bringing a nonchalant, laid-back vibe that allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor while slurping the caviar of life. 

It is important to create space for the enjoyment of festivity, food, drink, music, and anything that speaks to your heart without feeling guilty about it.  Contrarily, it also important to not overindulge too much so that we do not fall subject to debauchery and lose sight of the hard fought for lessons and wisdom we have accumulated in the previous years.  Remember that a healthy, well-kept pig is a pleasure to be around while an over glutinous and sick pig might make your stomach turn over just a little! In a nutshell, create the space to enjoy life but don’t get sloppy!

Because the pig is associated with the elements of earth and water, the two necessary elements it takes to grow and nurture life into fruition, 2019 is a great year to build new business projects, create that which your soul has been yearning to manifest, and nurture the dreams of your spirit.  The energy of friendly relations and welcoming nature in all aspects of life is on our side in 2019.  In regards to working on nurturing the seeds of your heart allow the intellectual aspect of the earth element to guide you while trusting the intuitive aspect of the water element.  In addition, be open to receiving that which you truly desire, while allowing obstacles and conflicts to flow around you like water.  Friendliness is the nature of the pig and will engender positive and harmonious familial and business relations if we are willing to let go of negativity and be kind to those around us.  Compassion goes a long way in 2019, but doesn’t it always!

Because of the glutinous nature of the pig, it is important for us to take responsibility for our health and self care so that we do not become repulsive. If we want our dreams to blossom with the resourceful and intelligent energy of the upcoming year of the rat (2020), we must do our due-diligence to maintain hygienic practices and clean house when necessary. Acupuncture, massage, and therapies, which involve balancing ones body, mind and spirit are a strategic and intelligent investment in 2019.


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