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How to Get To Where You Want to Be Faster Without Wasting Years of Time and Money!

What you want and what you deserve are two separate entities. You can work smarter,  outsource areas of weakness to those with nuanced speciality, have the best and noblest intentions, yet there is no shortcut  for belt notches of experience and sacrifice. 

Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Welcome to the club! If it were easy most people would obtain self fulfillment in regards to their most intimate desires. Fearful to invest in your goals because it might not work out? This is due to a horizontal, linear mindset which we have been conditioned to believe is the reality we exist in. This is the mindset which places rationally oriented logic as the ultimate and only conduit to achieving the physical reality we dream of. This is vital, important and valid yet,without vertical intuitive logic is devoid of the magnetic charisma necessary to manifest a reality of romantic ecstaticism accurate to the full potential of human spirit. 

We live in a magic bullet, instant gratification and “more is better mindset” society. This mindset sells quick fixes, certification programs, and self proclaimed guruic ideologies which threaten the very integrity of arduous sweat equity. I am a huge fan of acquiring tools to accelerate the path to self awareness, authentic and nuanced service to society. In a similar vein I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. 

In my experience,  as someone who wanted it now, felt they deserved it, and who went through copious amounts of self struggle to build their own business doing what they love most with no previous business experience, I have to admit that the universal rewards system is totally fair and will only give you what you feel you want when you have truly  earned it. I spent years knowing I had more passion and charisma than many more experienced practitioners, yet I had not developed the true inner confidence, fully integrated skill sets, and behavioral discipline in what it was I was meant to offer. My focus and energies were scattered lacking the experiential knowledge to understand where to allocate my energy most efficiently on a daily basis. The more I forced things the worst the worst it got. Consequentially, I began to see the intimate connection of learning to  listen and flowing with the guidance of universal clairvoyance, persistence, while taking action from a place of trusting the physical body’s reaction to the present moment. Through trial and error these virtues became my compass for achieving the dreams I had fantasized for years. 

I see so many brilliant, young, enthusiastic  individuals who just like me believe passionately in their path, yet feel the need to represent themselves as a professional in their field before legitimate clinical experience. I can’t judge them because that was me for years. The positive shift of the modern generations to embrace more holistic approaches to medicine is a huge leap from the western analytical linear mindset, yet could use some old school humility in the time it takes to get there. The more we learn the less we realize we know, and me myself although having made a successful living out of following my passions feel more than ever that I have just received my white belt. There is so much more to learn and always someone out there who can do what you do a thousand times more refined than you. 

Relaxing into the knowing of where we are going is fundamental in our success and organic evolution of our uniquely guided path, and the integral maturation of the work we are to do as guided by higher universal intelligence. This takes incredible dedication, patience, humility and the green light for major trigger pulls to manifest in form of undeniable, consistent, burning desire, and persistent return to our original intention. 

Julian Keenan Grow L.Ac. MSTOM.

Owner/CEO Sacred Silence Acupuncture PLLC Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist


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