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Chaga Extract

Chaga Extract - Sacred Silence Acupuncture

Wild Siberian Chaga extract description:

Double dual extracted (hot water and ethanol decocted) Chaga mushroom is loaded with antioxidants (400 on the orac scale) topping other medicinal mushrooms in its ability to protect the body against free radicals and environmental pollutants Noted for its anti tumor and cancer preventative properties. Protects the skin tone, color, and quality with melanin High in minerals and b vitamins Qi tonic boosting dailey energy while also relieving stress on body and mind as an adaptogen.


Delicious expresso taste. Encourages phagocytosis the process of putting white blood cells into high alert mode and educating the immune system. A superior immune system and energy tonic which can be taken dailey and continues to strengthen the body.


Dose: Quarter tea spoon-teaspoon

4oz - $80 (shipping included)

2oz - $55

1oz - $30

Trial Size:-  $15

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